​Rainbow Bear crunches the numbers

Aug 1, 2018 | Blog Articles

The end of the financial year is a busy time at Quest so Lynda and Fran in our Accounts Department decided it was time to draw on additional help.

They discovered Sookie Bear soaking up the winter sun in the vegetable garden and enticed him into their office with the promise of a pot plant once the books had balanced.

Never shy, and always happy to lend a hand, Sookie Bear slipped his new and very attractive glasses on and took to the calculator, determined to balance the books and crunch the numbers.

Lynda and Fran were slightly daunted by Sookie Bear’s enthusiastic approach and in-depth knowledge of a calculator. Before long, Sookie Bear was churning out reems of adding machine paper and circling totals with glee. It was starting to look like the end of the financial year was going to be a breeze after all!

“Do you suppose we could slip away and leave Sookie Bear to it?” asked Fran in hushed tones.

“He does seem to have it all under control,” said Lynda, sounding awed, “but we received such amazing donations in response to our end of financial year appeal we should really stay and help.”

In time, the calculator had stopped churning, the cash had been counted and Sookie Bear had removed his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

Lynda and Fran collected the paperwork and exclaimed with delight at the generosity of donors.

Sookie Bear was exhausted and was looking longingly at the promised pot plant.

A day in the life of a Sookie Bear was coming to a close. Tomorrow would be a different day and once rested and replenished Sookie Bear would be off to spread rainbows across the world.

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