Bringing positive change to Fairfield communities

May 21, 2018 | Blog Articles

In the past 6 months, Quest for Life has engaged with over 360 parents, carers and refugees in the Fairfield local government area, bringing positive changes to their lives.

Thanks to a grant from Cabra-Vale Diggers Club, Quest facilitators have delivered self-care and resilience workshops to people whose lives are always busy and stressed and who have often experienced significant trauma.


Quest workshops help to nurture and empower participants and show them ways to regain control over and manage their lives more skilfully.

Our workshops in Fairfield have reached out across languages, nationalities and religious beliefs to help people attain the one thing that might seem unattainable given their history or their current circumstances. Put simply, that one thing is peace.

Working with translators when required, our facilitators have asked participants from Vietnam, Syria, Iraq, Spain, Assyria, Croatia, Italy, Egypt, Turkey and China the same question, “Who would like more peace in their lives?” Their response was always a unanimous show of hands and a resounding “yes”.


Evaluation forms completed at the end of every workshop by all participants who are able to write have rated their experience highly with the majority of participants indicating they will be able to make positive changes in their lives.

These workshops demonstrate that despite trauma and loss in the world, it’s possible to find peace within yourself.


The Quest for Life Foundation also runs intensive 5-day residential programs that immerse participants into a multidisciplinary program encouraging meditation and mindfulness activities, improving nutrition and sleep, increasing exercise and improving communication skills through learning emotional regulation strategies, neurobiological psychoeducation, narrative therapy and solution focused brief therapy. These holistic strategies help participants boost recovery and improve their mental, physical and social wellbeing.

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