Fiona & Ralph’s story for Quest’s EOFY Appeal

May 14, 2020 | Blog Articles

On 28 December 2016, our 25th wedding anniversary, we received a phone call from a friend to say our 21½ year-old daughter, Harriet had had an accident. A branch from a gum tree had fallen. We found ourselves at Westmead Hospital in Sydney.

We had no idea about the extent of Harriet’s injuries.

Confronted with every parent’s incomprehensible nightmare, our beautiful, precious daughter was on life support. 22 hours later we lost our treasured Harriet. Our lives as we knew it had changed in a heartbeat. A month later a friend who worked at Quest for Life introduced us to one remarkable and very special woman, Petrea King via mail enclosing 2 books, 2 CDs, the story of the Rainbow, a superb letter and anything that would offer comfort to us.

We read and listened to Your Life Matters and Be Calm and found a beautiful way to connect with both Harriet and her 17 year old sister Alicia who was at boarding school, and now lives on a cattle station in remote Northern Territory through the gorgeous colours of the rainbow connecting our hearts to theirs.

We have been so fortunate to attend, independently the Healing Your Life program on two occasions at Quest for Life. From the moment you arrive on the beautiful grounds, you are wrapped with love. The warmth, comfort and compassion we received from Petrea and the Quest for Life family is like no other. Within a day we felt connected, valued, safe and secure.

We listened to extraordinary stories of heartache and struggle in a non-judgmental, caring, supportive environment. If you cry, it’s ok, you will be wrapped in a handmade blanket, offered a cup of tea, a hug.

We learnt positive, respectful ways to speak to each other, be less reactive and more considered in our responses, managing our emotions, those awkward conversations, whatever does not serve you, let it go.

The information shared during the Healing Your Life program is truly inspirational. It enabled us to recover a belief in ourselves, to compassionately embrace the treasures learnt and discussed, to take with confidence and gratitude, to find the peace that ultimately passes all understanding, into our daily lives.

If I could be granted one wish, it would be that everyone on the planet could meet Petrea and be touched by her positive approach to life. Through her own personal upheavals, profound struggles in life, together with the extraordinary stories thousands of people have shared with Petrea she has with such generosity found a way Through Quest for Life, Petrea has found a way to help people profoundly impacted by grief and trauma to participate in life, and be the best we possibly can. I truly believe Petrea has fairy dust in her pockets

Thank you, darling Harriet, for bringing Petrea and Quest for Life into our lives. Please donate to Quest’s Financial Appeal to provide hope and healing for those in need.

Funding Options for Residential Programs


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Fees effective 1 July 2023.

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