Hope and Healing – Chris’ Story

May 23, 2019 | Blog Articles, 30 Years

Chris was a paramedic for 33 years. During this time, he attended many traumatic and challenging jobs. As a result, Chris felt himself becoming more and more isolated. He couldn’t sleep and would cry a lot.

“I became a completely different person,” Chris said.

“I was always known for my sense of humour but that completely disappeared.

“I was suffering and so was my family.”

Chris said he had a couple of friends from the Police Force who had attended Quest’s Moving Beyond Trauma program and when he spoke to them about how he was feeling they told him he had to sign up to the program.

“It totally changed my life,” Chris said, “and gave me back my ability to live again.

“I learnt tools and strategies that help me cope with things better and talk about what’s bothering me and I learnt how to sleep again.

“The MBT program is just the best thing I’ve ever done and not only that but I made a fair few friends from the course and we keep in touch.

“I just can’t recommend this program more than I already do – I spread the word around both professionally and in my community.

“I tell anyone who asks that they need to do the MBT program.

“It’s just amazing.”