Preventing Alzheimer’s: Julia’s journey reclaiming her brain

Sep 18, 2019 | Blog Articles

The idea that Alzheimer’s may happen to us in old age is a common concern and, with an increasing incidence, is one that many of us may share. But is there anything we can do to prevent it?

My experience gives me the confidence to say YES, there is!

With a strong genetic family history (both maternal and paternal sides) of Dementia I was aware that I was high risk. So, at 63 when I noticed I was struggling with interpreting the apps on my phone, had very poor short-term memory and couldn’t find my way to my Doctor’s surgery I became very worried.

Surely this was something that didn’t happen until the age of 70 or 80?

I truly thought there was nothing I could do but expect a gradual decline and end up like my Mum in a residential home, unable to recognise anyone. This filled me with dread – there was so much I still wanted to do in life.


Yet this was to take me on an incredible journey of self-discovery and hope that led me to Dr Dale Bredeson’s program, ‘The End of Alzheimer’s’ and subsequently to Dave Jenkins who coached me through the personalised and intricate plan which would lead to my improvement.


I have made many changes including

  • increasing exercise
  • modifying my diet
  • engaging in activities I love
  • socialising more
  • brain training
  • decreasing stress, and
  • focusing on the things that bring joy to my life.

I also have a personalised program to address deficiencies in minerals, vitamins, hormones and specific brain supplements to help improve cognitive decline.

The journey is not easy and hasn’t finished yet.


There are ups and downs, steps forward and back but I know that if I have reversed some symptoms, perhaps I can reverse others.

There are days I feel sharp minded, energetic and ‘normal’, other days when I feel more ‘fuzzy’ however, overall I can function well, continue the work I love and share with others the exciting work being done in this field of medicine.

The conservative view is that 30% of Alzheimer’s can be prevented, however, doctors such as Dr Dale Bredeson, Drs Sherzai, Dr David Perlmutter and many more are doing incredible work not only preventing but also reversing symptoms.


The message that we embrace on the Reclaiming Your Brain program at Quest is that we all have to take personal responsibility for our health, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to prevent or delay Alzheimer’s and live the best life we can well into old age.

We share with you the specific lifestyle choices endorsed by these doctors that you can incorporate into your life that can help to grow new neurons, safe-guard your brain’s health and give you vitality and inner peace.

Everyone needs to know this!

I look forward to seeing you at Quest and sharing this exciting program.


 Julia Willoughby is a Co-Facilitator on Quest for Life’s Reclaiming Your Brain program. Learn more about Reclaiming Your Brain