Quest’s EOFY Appeal: Collaboration, Connection & Community

May 18, 2023 | Blog Articles

Help those who have experienced trauma access life-changing care and find hope, healing and peace by donating to Quest’s EOFY Appeal.

I’ve never experienced such genuine kindness in my life. For the first time, I felt seen and heard. This program gave me something that I saw as impossible.

– Celjina

From the desk of Petrea King:

Dear Friend of Quest,

The last four years have challenged all of us to dig deep and find our personal resilience. On top of these global and community challenges, many people have suffered financial hardship, loss of their business, career or income, and personal traumas including grief, the diagnosis of a serious or chronic illness, or experienced the terror of the fires and floods – then having to rebuild a life in the aftermath. These are the people that Quest assists to find meaningful ways of navigating their challenges in the best way possible.   

I am writing in the hope that you will support us to help more people and communities around Australia who are doing it tough. The Quest for Life Foundation educates and supports people to find hope, healing and peace during or after trauma, grief, loss, illness or disaster.

Quest’s self-help programs at our residential Centre in Bundanoon and our community-based workshops encourage, educate, and empower people to improve their resilience and peace of mind during their most challenging moments – whether due to physical or mental illness, domestic, community or family violence, financial strain, loss and grief or the after-effects of floods and fires.

“I cannot encourage police or first responders who’ve been suffering with trauma enough to do this program. Everyone here has really connected. It’s a great experience. I really think this would be something that a lot of police would benefit from. There’s been a massive change in me. I’m so grateful that I’ve done this program.“ 

– Elise

As a charity, we rely on donations to subsidise the cost of our services. Your tax-deductible donation assists people in need of support by contributing to the cost of their attendance on our residential programs. Donations are also used to fund our community outreach workshops in regional areas affected by drought, floods, fire or other disaster. 

By donating to Quest, you’re helping others grow through their mightiest challenge. This, in turn, ripples out to create a more compassionate society that supports each of its members.

Our vision: To assist individuals, families, and communities to heal

“There aren’t enough words to fully explain the profound experience that I heard others say they experienced as well. I’m so very grateful I found the courage to make Quest a part of my journey.” 

– Adam

Quest makes a positive difference to our fellow Australians. Well over 125,000 people have attended our face-to-face services and many more have benefitted through Quest’s online courses and social media. 

We know that unexpected and unthinkable things can happen to any of us. We take a whole-person and recovery-oriented approach to establishing wellbeing, utilising the latest research into neuroscience and epigenetics along with evidence-based approaches to health, healing, and post-traumatic growth. 

Most of us are not open to change until we feel that our suffering is deeply understood. We all need someone who ‘gets’ us, especially when we’re going through a difficult time – that people understand our feelings of despair or defeat. This is something we do well at Quest. People who are struggling with some unexpected trauma in their lives are so grateful for the kindness and warmth they feel when they attend a Quest program or workshop. 

“I not only gained my confidence back, I received validation that the emotions, self-doubt, and behaviours I’d been feeling and experiencing were understandable and accepted, and that a way forward was possible.”

– Bek

68% of people who attend a Quest program live with anxiety, 54% experience depression, 51% suffer with sleep issues and 50% are generally stressed. Our excellent outcomes reflect how effective our programs are in improving the health and wellbeing of program participants. 

For example, participants from the Moving Beyond Trauma program experience a 24% improvement in quantified mental wellbeing one month after the program – and this figure continues to rise over the following 6-months. Participants take home practical strategies and skills to create life-long healing, peace, and resilience. 

Your donation will provide services to people like John and residents in communities affected by natural disasters.

Will you give others a brighter future?

The past four years have been more challenging than most. Endless natural disasters – drought, then fires, then floods – plus an economic downturn have left people less financially able to attend our programs when they need them most. COVID-19 further compounded these challenges, adding to isolation, anxiety, and mental health difficulties. We need connection, supportive communities and kindness to heal and flourish. 

“Quest for Life offered me a place where my deepest troubles are accepted and nurtured in an atmosphere of love, kindness, and tranquillity. This atmosphere is created by Petrea’s unique and courageous life experiences and seeps down into all staff members. Quest offers a place to breathe, connect, and be comforted. You will not regret spending a week here, no matter what difficulties you are facing.”

– John

We’re committed to making our services available for everyone in need, regardless of their financial circumstances. Please donate whatever you can as every dollar goes to help people and communities in need. 

Warmest regards and gratitude,
Petrea King
CEO & Founder

Funding Options for Residential Programs


Quest subsidises all privately or self-funded places to ensure the cost of our programs remains affordable to individuals. This allows us to reduce the fee from $4,400 to $2,800.

$2,200 Shared room (Early bird* $2,100 – must be paid 30 days in advance)
$2,800 Single room (Early bird* $2,700 – must be paid 30 days in advance)

Fees effective 1 July 2023.

Subsidies and Financial Help

Through generous grants, donations and fundraising, additional subsidies and financial help is available for a range of circumstances and anyone experiencing financial stress will be considered. We review each case individually and we do not means test. All applications are conducted via phone with a friendly member of the Programs intake team.


Quest is a registered NDIS Provider. Residential Programs can be funded through plan-managed and self-managed NDIS plans.


We work with Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) White Card or Gold Card holders to make applications to the DVA Health Approvals Board.

Worker’s Comp Insurance

Residential programs can be covered by workers compensation insurance on a case-by-case basis.

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