Spread some hope, healing and peace this Christmas

Nov 30, 2021 | Blog Articles

Thirty-seven years ago, a stranger gave me the gift of a brighter future. While he didn’t know it at the time, his gesture of kindness provided me with an opportunity to heal from a lifetime of trauma and grief. I was sick with leukaemia and tormented with grief after my brother’s suicide.

Padre Ilarino, the head of a monastery just outside of Assisi in Italy, provided refuge and care so I could begin the journey of healing my broken heart. His kindness nourished my heart and reminded me that kindness can change a life. Indeed, kindness can change the world.

Can you give the gift of a brighter future to others this season?

For many people the past two years have been an emotional roller-coaster.

Many people have been confronted with feelings of anxiety and despair as everything we thought we knew about ourselves and life was challenged. Some people are still without a home or sense of community after fires or floods tore their lives apart.

COVID-19 disrupted the healing process along with people’s work routines and family lives, with the result that many people are experiencing mental health issues for the first time in their lives.

Your donation will help to spread the gift of hope, healing and peace to people facing challenging times.

Help to spread hope, healing and peace

Unexpected and unthinkable things can happen to any of us – despair, fear, anxiety or hopelessness do not discriminate, and it is often those who can least afford our programs who need them the most. Quest has a commitment to making our services available for everyone in need, no matter their financial circumstances.

At Quest, we assist people living with the consequences of trauma to find hope, healing and peace.

One of my great joys is seeing the incredible difference our programs make to people living with mental, emotional or physical health challenges. I meet participants when they arrive at our Centre on a Monday, their faces often drawn with worry, anxiety and upset. Sometimes, they cannot make eye contact.

By the end of the week, they’re almost unrecognisable – their faces have relaxed, they’re smiling, full of hope and ready to face the world again feeling nurtured, educated and nourished. They return home with practical tools, strategies and skills to live each day well and create life-long healing, peace and resilience.

We help people to accept and process their traumatic experiences and be at peace with themselves, their history and their unknown future. We all have a story. It is often our story that breaks us open to knowing ourselves in our depths. It’s good to have a story, but we don’t have to live as a victim of that story – and that’s what makes peace possible.

By donating to Quest, you’re helping other people to grow through their challenges. That – in turn – ripples out positively into families and wider society to forge compassionate communities that support and encourage each other to grow.

Robert’s Story

Robert came to Quest after being diagnosed with a serious illness and feeling a sense of despair. Since he attended one of our programs, he says he has felt “much more positive”.

“I was at a stage in life where I was going nowhere. The program I attended gave me hope, calmness and all sorts of things I didn’t know were possible. This is a program that has been going for a long time, designed by people who really know what they’re doing, and do it in such a caring and empathetic way that you can’t help but take away skills and strategies that help you regain hope and a joy for living.”

Your Impact

By supporting Quest, you help people to move through great trauma to find healing and peace.

Quest facilitators are passionate about their work and are experts in the fields of trauma, neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to heal/re-wire, and epigenetics – factors influencing genetic expression including nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management. Quest remains at the forefront of a holistic approach to healing trauma, incorporating the latest evidence-based approaches into each program.

Long-term research on the impact of Quest programs found that well over 90% of participants had improved their quality of life and felt more in control of, and able to make changes to, their life.

“I came with a lot of questions, and now have a lot of answers. I have a reinvigorated sense of purpose.” – Ian

Quest services are only possible because of the dedication of our staff, facilitators, program teams, volunteers and you, our donors and supporters.

Help people in need

As a charity, Quest relies on income from donations and fundraising to provide a wide range of programs and services for people experiencing trauma in our communities. Many people need financial help to attend our life-changing programs. When you donate, you’re helping someone to heal by enabling them to come to Quest.

Based on the latest research into health, healing, meditation, mindfulness, neuroscience and epigenetics, our innovative programs are delivered by a professional team of highly skilled psychologists, counsellors, therapists, educators and body practitioners. Participants leave our programs not only with hope but also a toolkit of valuable resources, strategies and evidence-based skills to make a powerful and positive difference in their lives.

As we prepare for the holiday season, will you help us to give more people like Robert a second chance at life?

Please donate online today or Call us now on 02 4883 6599.

Thank you for your donation and support, both of which are deeply appreciated.

Warmest regards,

Petrea King
CEO and Founder

Funding Options for Residential Programs


Quest subsidises all privately or self-funded places to ensure the cost of our programs remains affordable to individuals. This allows us to reduce the fee from $4,400 to $2,800.

$2,200 Shared room (Early bird* $2,100 – must be paid 30 days in advance)
$2,800 Single room (Early bird* $2,700 – must be paid 30 days in advance)

Fees effective 1 July 2023.

Subsidies and Financial Help

Through generous grants, donations and fundraising, additional subsidies and financial help is available for a range of circumstances and anyone experiencing financial stress will be considered. We review each case individually and we do not means test. All applications are conducted via phone with a friendly member of the Programs intake team.


Quest is a registered NDIS Provider. Residential Programs can be funded through plan-managed and self-managed NDIS plans.


We work with Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) White Card or Gold Card holders to make applications to the DVA Health Approvals Board.

Worker’s Comp Insurance

Residential programs can be covered by workers compensation insurance on a case-by-case basis.

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