Stacy’s story: A life changing experience

Nov 19, 2020 | Blog Articles

Stacy lived in an abusive relationship for a long time, stuck in a place of hopelessness and fear, unable to escape.

Her relationship hit a real low both physically and psychologically, which is when she moved into a women’s shelter.

Help from a chance meeting offered her a lifeline out, but despite being physically safe, Stacy was plagued by panic attacks, insomnia and flashbacks.

Stacy was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) made worse when she discovered her ex-partner was having her followed. Stacy’s counsellor and Community Services worker referred her to Quest, and, thanks to Quest’s fundraising activities, she was offered a fully subsidised place on a Moving Beyond Trauma program.

A Practical Framework

Stacy says the program was “life changing”.

She learnt a practical framework for understanding and managing the complexities of PTS and how to manage her emotions. Stacy said she is now able to self soothe herself in confronting situations, understand how her body is reacting to the situation, acknowledge that reaction, then respond rather than react.

Stacy credits her facilitators on the program with being so caring and interested. She said when she first arrived at Quest, she was terrified and virtually shaking but she was soon calmed, and felt accepted and heard.

“Moving Beyond Trauma was transformational”

There’s more to this story. Stacy’s ordeal has led her into a life of wanting to help others escape domestic and family violence. Stacy created her own charity called Escabags, producing escape bags, each made by volunteers and filled with the necessities that a victim of abuse and his/her children may need when initially escaping from a dangerous or abusive situation. Escabags are distributed across Australia via 106 stockists including Police Stations, Health and Community Centres, Quest for Life, and other privately owned businesses.

Stacy shared her story as part of Quest’s 2020 Christmas Appeal.

Please donate to Quest’s Christmas Appeal to help more people like Stacy have a second chance in life.