How are fear and intuition different?

Apr 9, 2018 | Blog Articles

When we experience intuition, there’s often a feeling of simplicity, clarity, peace that comes along with the knowledge, even if it’s about an outcome we don’t want. In other words, we feel calm.


  • Intuition deals with the present moment, what’s in front of us, and how to navigate through the options to the best choice. There’s strength, clarity and conciseness behind an intuitive voice.
  • Intuition conveys information neutrally and unemotionally. It feels right in the gut. It also has a detached sensation as though we are observing.
  • Intuition is always supportive, creative and provides a ‘roadmap’ for our lives.
  • We need to recognise and believe that our intuition is the greatest tool we can have.
  • Our bodies respond differently to intuition. We feel calmer, stronger, and there is no tension and we breathe more easily.
  • Our bodies are always in the present, never in the past and never in the future. When we stay present to what is, rather than to what is not, we are able to access our intuition rather than our fears.


  • When we experience fearful, ego-based thoughts, we often feel confused, upset, jumbled, agitated and feel we have to know more.
  • If there’s an emotional charge with our thoughts, it’s probably not intuition, but fear. Fear diminishes our perspective and feelings of being centered.
  • Fear is about stories from the past and projections into the future. It freaks us out, it’s confusing and puts emphasis on other people’s reactions rather than our own responses.
  • Reactions are always fear based. They come from a mind in confusion not clarity.
  • Fear can often appear logical. Our mind is a great tool but not our best guide. It is full of reliving the past and projecting into the future.
  • For some, the most obvious voice of fear is the inner critic. It comes with ‘shoulds’, judgements and attacks on our self-esteem. Fear often reflects past psychological wounds.
  • As children, we are often taught not to trust our intuition and to give our power away to others who appear ‘to know better’.
  • It is our job to practice recognising what are our fears and what is our intuition. And choose which one we want to guide our lives with.
  • Remember that fears often speak in a loud voice and can scream while intuition speaks in a small voice until we choose to listen to our intuition and not our fears.
  • When we focus on listening to our intuition that small voice grows and we lose our fears.


  • Intuition tends to speak in nudges or whispers, dreams, sensations, feelings or images and is only available when our mind is quiet.
  • To quieten your mind and reduce the mental chatter, try Petrea King’s Coming to your senses meditation and experience the difference it makes.
  • Our Quest for Life residential programs and 1-day programs show you ways to calm your mind and your nervous system to access your intuition.
  • Call 1300-941-488 to find out more about how our programs can help.

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