Building Peace & Resilience in Disaster Affected Communities in NSW

Workshops for people living with the difficulties and trauma of natural disasters

About the Workshops

Explore methods for healing the nervous system, managing mind & emotions.

This workshop is specifically designed to help people with symptoms of stress and trauma to reclaim their lives and create greater control over their emotional equilibrium after living through a natural disaster such as floods or fires. It is based on the latest research into neuroplasticity and epigenetics.

Understand the impact of stress and trauma on our mind and body and explore the pathways to post-traumatic growth. The workshop is practical and you’ll leave with tools and strategies that will immediately make a difference. Based on the latest research into neuroplasticity and epigenetics along with over 38 years of working with individuals and communities experiencing trauma, you’ll leave this workshop feeling educated, empowered and inspired to implement what you learn.

Suitable for anyone aged over 12 years.

Workshop Dates

Workshop Fees

Fully subsidised – no cost to participants
Morning tea and light lunch provided
Lucky door prize



Workshop times: 9.30am-3pm. Arrive 9am for a prompt 9.30am start.




  • 4 key principles of resilience and peace of mind
  • Relaxation and visualisation as practical and effective tools for challenging circumstances
  • Symptoms of stress and what helps
  • Meditation and mindfulness as a foundation for living
  • Moving from reaction to response
  • How to manage emotions and recognise burnout and to identify what helps
  • Regulating our emotions
  • Language of reaction and response


  • Highly motivated to implement strategies for self-care
  • Excited, rather than overwhelmed by life
  • Deeper understanding of neuroplasticity and the brain’s ability to change
  • Equipped with tools and strategies for remaining calm during change or turbulence
  • A greater respect for an individual’s ‘story’
  • Feeling empowered in difficult circumstances
You will be nurtured, nourished and restored with the confidence to embrace your life again.

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