Corporate Partnerships

A partnership with Quest is a collaboration between two organisations that share a passion and commitment to sustainable social change, acknowledging a shared purpose to minimise the damaging effects of trauma.

Organisations such as ours simply cannot make an impact without the support of corporate partners, sponsors and philanthropists.
By partnering with the Quest for Life Foundation, together we can raise significant funds, reach new audiences and provide in-kind support. We help change lives.

The Quest for Life Foundation is an ACNC (Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission) charity with DGR1 status. We rely on donations, bequests, fundraising, sponsorships, and grants to fulfil our purpose.

We are committed to making our services available to everyone in need, no matter their financial circumstances. It is often people who can least afford our programs who need them the most.

75% of Australians will experience a traumatic event in their lives. 12% of people are left with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), causing them to have flashbacks, nightmares and other severe reactions to things that remind them of a traumatic event.

Since these figures were released, we’ve had catastrophic bushfires, floods, a pandemic, lockdowns, loss of loved-ones, businesses and employment – all of which have greatly added to people’s levels of distress and trauma.

Trauma reduces life expectancy, negatively impacts families and affects people from all walks of life, so Quest’s services are more in demand than ever from an increasing number of people.

We often hear participants from our Moving Beyond Trauma and Healing Your Life programs say, “Coming to Quest saved my life.”

Your ongoing support of Quest will save many, many more lives.

Your opportunity to give someone a future…

Quest for Life is seeking corporate partners who want to significantly improve the quality of life for people living with trauma.

The benefits of partnering with the Quest for Life Foundation reach beyond the initial recognition.

For us at Quest, a partnership is not just about financial support on a short-term basis. We seek partners who will engage at a deeper level over the longer term, where shared values allow a partnership to positively impact both your staff and the participants who benefit from Quest services. Your business can be an agent for social change.

As a sponsor, Quest ensures the collaboration complements your existing brand values, enhances your image and provides a platform to engage in community and social responsibility with tangible outcomes.

As part of our partnership program, you will have access to

  • a respected and trusted brand
  • inspirational facilitators
  • a great team and
  • that ‘feel good factor’ of community engagement.

Most importantly, you will directly assist people to heal from past trauma and create resilient lives. The impact of this ripples out in positive ways to their family and the wider community.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss a partnership with your organisation. Please complete the How to Help Enquiry form below and we will be in touch.

Download a copy of our Corporate Partnership Proposal