Donate in Memory or In Lieu

In Memory Donations

Remember someone close to you by making a donation to Quest for Life in their memory. It is a meaningful way to honour their life and at the same time, offer compassionate support for people living with life’s greatest challenges.

You might like to choose donations in lieu of flowers at a funeral service.

Donations can be made directly to Quest.

Honour Gifts – In Lieu Donations

Many people choose to make a donation in lieu of gifts for that special occasion. We call this an Honour Gift because we think it’s a wonderful way to honour a special occasion by making a donation to the Quest for Life Foundation.

Whether it’s for a birthday, christening, wedding, Christmas, or other special occasions, Quest will send your gift recipient a card to let them know of your generous contribution.

Please email our Accounts team to find out more about Donating in Memory or in Lieu.