Petrea King Keynote Speaker

Petrea King is CEO of the Quest for Life Foundation which she established in 1989. She is a well-known author, inspirational keynote speaker, teacher and facilitator and is a naturopath, herbalist, clinical hypnotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher.

Petrea is an inspirational speaker for community, corporate or private events and delivers highly engaging keynote presentations, workshops and panel discussions. She is at the forefront of wellness education, resilience training and making meaning of difficult circumstances.

Petrea’s presentations relate to the audience she is addressing, with deep, compassionate and insightful words on topics such as resilience and living well in adverse times, self-care and wellbeing, communication strategies for the workplace, relationships, dealing with life’s ‘D’s – which might be death, drought, disaster, diagnosis or any other of life’s challenges.

Half or full day fees, travel and accommodation requirements are available on enquiry. The Quest for Life Foundation is a registered charity with DG1 status. We do not receive government funding. We rely on fundraising, donations and speaking engagements to make our services accessible. The speaker’s fee enables people living with the challenges of cancer, chronic illness, loss, grief, trauma, anxiety and depression to attend a program and learn strategies for peace and healing. We offer a limited number of pro bono speaking opportunities.

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What Others Say

“The team and I felt so lucky Petrea spoke at our event. Petrea’s warmth and generosity of spirit really engage and inspire people. Perfect for the world right now. A big thank you for helping us to make our oncology event such a success. We know that so many walked away feeling richer.”

Daniel Baden ND, BioMedica Nutraceuticals

“Petrea provided an inspirational opportunity for our Leaders to take a moment and reflect on – who and how they impact our working environment. Petrea’s honesty, authenticity and ability to contextualise deep learning through the eyes of the modern leader was profound.

Thank you Petrea for coming and adding such deep insight around Mindful Leadership to our team – the effect of your presentation deeply resonated.”


“Petrea facilitated our Catholic Education Office Spirituality Day ‘Living Hope – Hope and Healing for Ourselves and Community’. It was an exceptional day which addressed the challenges we can face in life personally and professionally. Her deep wisdom is an expression of her own journey and her gifted ability to walk with others in pain. The ‘Living Hope’ day connected authentically into the human experience. She shared and listened to stories with great presence, acceptance, humour and compassion. It moved us at the level of the heart and also provided a wonderful collection of practical tools to navigate this world in which we live.

Her insights reminded us of the value of responding to life rather than reacting, of bringing our best selves to challenging situations, of becoming mindful of our language and of prioritizing those activities that replenish us. Essentially it was a day to support us in living more consciously the life to which we aspire. Petrea commented, ‘Hope is not just an attitude. Hope has to have legs.’ Petrea certainly gave hope legs on this day.

Petrea is a gifted facilitator, story-teller and companion who engaged our community in a most profound way. It was a day that aligned so beautifully with the message of Jesus and God’s deep desire for us to live life to the full (John 10:10). We are so very grateful to both Petrea and her wonderful team who created this day with such sophistication and graciousness. We wish Petrea and the Quest for Life Foundation the very best in their vital and life-changing endeavour.”

Robyn Gallagher, Professional Officer, Staff Spiritual Formation, Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong

“Thank you for the compassionate thoughtful way you worked with our Nepean Staff Family. You touched many hearts & lives in your very special way & shared your wisdom & ‘love’ as I knew only you could. Thanks for taking time to honour our team by sharing with us in our time of need.

I’ve received many emails from team members, sharing their gratitude for the beautiful, supportive, helpful & practical messages you shared with us collectively.

Your online presentation touched my heart once again, shared lots of wonderful practical reminders & ‘topped me up’ ready to embrace the remainder of the year with renewed energy & ‘love’.”

Carolyn Gurrier-Jones, Principal, Nepean School, Victoria

Funding Options for Residential Programs


Quest subsidises all privately or self-funded places to ensure the cost of our programs remains affordable to individuals. This allows us to reduce the fee from $4,400 to $2,800.

$2,200 Shared room (Early bird* $2,100 – must be paid 30 days in advance)
$2,800 Single room (Early bird* $2,700 – must be paid 30 days in advance)

Fees effective 1 July 2023.

Subsidies and Financial Help

Through generous grants, donations and fundraising, additional subsidies and financial help is available for a range of circumstances and anyone experiencing financial stress will be considered. We review each case individually and we do not means test. All applications are conducted via phone with a friendly member of the Programs intake team.


Quest is a registered NDIS Provider. Residential Programs can be funded through plan-managed and self-managed NDIS plans.


We work with Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) White Card or Gold Card holders to make applications to the DVA Health Approvals Board.

Worker’s Comp Insurance

Residential programs can be covered by workers compensation insurance on a case-by-case basis.

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