Quest learning

Residential Programs

The Quest for Life Foundation provides interactive group programs to educate, empower and encourage people living with the challenges of cancer, chronic illness, grief, trauma, anxiety and depression.

Our programs recognise that unexpected and unthinkable things can happen to all of us. With an understanding of the latest scientific research into neuroscience and epigenetics, as well as research on evidence-based health and healing modalities and neuroplasticity – the ability to change our brain through conscious choice – our acclaimed programs help you to find peace of mind and healing. They encompass a holistic approach to physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.

Set in Bundanoon, in the beautiful Southern Highlands NSW, where you can focus on your own life without distraction and learn valuable life skills and strategies. 

COVID-safety for Program participants

The health and wellbeing of our participants, visitors and staff are of utmost importance. Protocols and safety measures are in place to ensure we comply with government rules.

5-Day Programs

For people living with cancer, MS, Parkinsons, MND, SLE, autoimmune disease & chronic illness

For people living with depression, grief, loss, anxiety, chronic fatigue, burnout

For people living with the effects of post traumatic stress (PTSD or CPTSD)

A program focusing on factors that influence having a healthy brain and aging well

Weekend Programs

Our weekend programs are short stay, intensive programs designed for maximum impact.

Gain strength, comfort and create a healing pathway to a future worth living.

A weekend refresher course for past participants of one of our 5-day programs.

There is no real preparation for the death of someone we love. Quest can help you find a way forward.

Meditation Retreat weekend with Paul and Maia Bedson

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