How your donations are helping people with trauma

Jan 18, 2021 | Blog

Rob and Joan, affected by bushfire and other trauma, attended residential programs at Quest supported by your donations. Here they share their stories, with heartfelt gratitude for your support.

Re-setting my time clock at Bundanoon

1. The causes of trauma are many and varied, but usually involve the breakdown of a person’s ability to operate normally with a clear mind.

2. The resulting anxiety stress or depression can leave the person confused without an ability to solve problems.

3. In my case, unresolved family issues that seemed unresolvable over time, left me feeling that my nervous system was about to explode, and this was starting to impact on the relationship with my loving partner.

4. Anyone in such a situation needs to escape to a safe place with caring trained professionals to help that person get back on track again.

5. That safe haven for me was Quest for Life, a quiet retreat near Bundanoon, where the healing progress began.

6. Working through my problems in this environment, gave me a chance to “reset my clock” so that with time, I could get back to normal.

7. I thank the team at ‘Quest’ for the love and care they gave me while I was there.

Best wishes, Rob

A healing time at Quest for Life

“In my time at ‘Quest’, I experienced more love, compassion and care than I have ever known before. Being treated as an individual certainly helped. I felt the need to attend Quest as I had suffered trauma from the devastating bushfires in our area. We were evacuated 3 times to the Evacuation Centre in Narooma, and fortunately we were saved by our wonderful firefighters from the local brigades.

The loss of old friends who had tried to save their properties caused us much grief. I also had a family issue in my life causing me much distress, but after attending ‘Quest’, I can now quite clearly see how to go forth and try to heal things.

I would like to thank Petrea and all her wonderful team for the honour of attending the Moving Beyond Trauma program.”

Best regards and love, Joan

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