Julia Willoughby

Julia has been teaching yoga for 20 years and specialises in working with women at different transitions in life. Her Master’s thesis was on psychoneuroimmunology – the mind/body connection – in relation to cancer. Her own experience with cancer 10 years later helped her to integrate her knowledge and use the nurturing tools of yoga together with lifestyle changes to navigate her path to wellness.

Julia’s recent challenges with memory and brain function caused her to seek out information and programs that work with new and exciting ways to challenge the current paradigm that mental deterioration is inevitable as we age. Since 2017 she has followed the Bredesen Program (End Alzheimer’s) with great results and has significantly reclaimed the capacity of her brain and continues to be dedicated to learning more and sharing it with others.

More recently Julia has developed a strong interest in women’s health and aging, with a focus on their mental and physical well-being using yoga and mindfulness together with other modalities such as exercise and diet. She is passionate about helping others to discover their inner potential and power to reclaim their brain’s potential.
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