Lisa Wilson

Southern Highlands. Lisa works within the private sector providing individual and group counselling in a range of areas. These include anxiety, depression, grief and loss, self-esteem, resentment, forgiveness, communication and boundaries. In the past Lisa has worked as a Lifeline crisis support worker and has studied as a Doula in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. Her experience as a TMS clinician reflects her professional interest in the emerging fields of neural plasticity and neuropsychotherapy. Lisa is passionate about, and grateful for, her role as a retreat counsellor because she is able to incorporate QUEST philosophies to provide an empathic and compassionate environment to facilitate healing.

Lisa is aware of the complexities that life events can bring and the importance of having a safe space to talk about our feelings so they can be expressed and validated. She creates warmth and compassion, helping people find their path to fulfilling potential, finding connectedness, and enabling peace and wellbeing.

Lisa lives in the Southern Highlands with her husband and three children, along with their dog Gina, cat Daryl and free-to-range chickens.


SIRA Workers Compensation Regulation Approval Number: 16902
Medicare provider number: 5507141T



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Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson
B of Psych (Honours), Masters Counselling and Psychotherapy, TMS Clinician.
AHPRA Registered Practitioner, Assoc MAPS