Margie Braunstein

Margie is a senior facilitator with the Quest for Life Foundation and has facilitated thousands of people in their quest for peace and happiness. Margie’s professional practice is based on contemporary neuroscience, positive psychology and a commitment to holistic approaches to health.

Margie uses humour and warmth to engage and inspire people to take charge of their own happiness using conscious choice. She is energised by the incredible human potential we possess to develop across our entire lifespan.

Margie’s book Getting to the Heart of Stress can be found in the Quest for Life Shop and is a practical guide to a joyful, conscious life that draws on her own life experience as a woman, partner, mother, friend, clinical psychotherapist and educator.

Margie holds a Graduate Certificate in Adult Education, Diploma in Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy and is a Victims’ Services registered counsellor.


SIRA Workers Compensation Regulation Approval Number: 19112
Clinical Member: PACFA 21630
Victims’ Services Counsellor Registration No: A2628

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Margie Braunstein

Margie Braunstein
Dip Som Psych., Grad Cert Adult Ed.