Paul Bedson

Paul has been working in the field of mind/body medicine for over 30 years as a counsellor, psychotherapist, meditation teacher and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and lecturer.

He has been immersed in the wisdom teachings of various meditation Masters since embarking on his own spiritual quest in his early twenties.

Paul was the Senior Therapist at The Gawler Foundation for 18 years and was involved in creating and evolving retreat content, researching and writing about lifestyle medicine, and mentoring and developing the skills of other therapeutic staff.

As well as being passionate about sharing the gift of meditation in his teaching of fledging and experienced meditation teachers, his particular interest is in helping people deal with the range of emotional issues associated with their healing/spiritual journey.

He teaches mindfulness-based styles of meditation which develop wisdom and compassion through awareness of body, emotion, mind and spirit as one integrated Self.

Paul is the author of the book The Complete Family Guide to Natural Healing and co-authored the book Meditation: An Indepth Guide with Dr. Ian Gawler.

He is past President of the Meditation Association of Australia as well as a member of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

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