Coming to your senses

Much of life is spent taking on more information, more identities and more learning. We then identify who we are by what we do. In meditation, we unveil the treasure of our human ‘being’ beyond our human ‘doing’. Meditation is like relaxation for the mind. It is very simple. Observe and let go. Not holding onto thoughts or feelings, not adding to them, not resisting them, just observing and letting go.

As we quieten the chatter of our minds we discover an inner wellspring from which intuition, joy, inspiration, imagination, wisdom and contentment can effortlessly flow. Meditation becomes that sacred space in which we replenish and refresh ourselves.

The practice of coming to your senses can become a way of life, a way of being in the world that gives you access to your intuition, creativity, clarity, humour and more. It’s simply about coming to your senses, wherever you are, in whatever activity you might be engaged in.

Below, Petrea King first introduces you to the concept of coming to your senses and secondly guides you in a short meditation as you ‘come to your senses’.

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