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Organisations and Communities

Quest provides training workshops to support and inspire Communities and Organisations dealing with the trauma of natural disasters, cancer, chronic illnesses, grief, anxiety and depression as well as self-care, building resilience and wellbeing. Quest also offers training workshops for health professionals on avoiding compassion fatigue, how to have difficult conversations and restoring resilience.

Training workshops can be held at the Quest for Life Centre, Bundanoon, Your venue of choice in any area of Australia, or Online in an interactive engaging format.

Contact us to discuss how Quest can design a workshop to address your Organisation or Community needs.

Explore methods for healing the nervous system, managing mind & emotions

Learn ways to build resilience and emotional intelligence in our families

The importance of self-care and elements that create resilience and peace for those experiencing physical & emotional challenges

Increasing compassion, skills, knowledge, capacities (approved for CPE points)

Tools & strategies to strengthen resilience, emotional intelligence & ways to live well

First Responders Workshops

Health & wellbeing workshops for first responders

Living Mindfully: 1 Day Programs

A series of 1-day programs designed to introduce you to practical tools, strategies and techniques that will help you live well, stay well and find greater peace and contentment, regardless of your circumstances. You can actively contribute to your own health, healing and happiness.

Discover ways to improve your health and create an environment for profound healing

An experiential journey into positive brain change and neuroplasticity

Explore ways to regain emotional stability & take control of your responses to challenges

Taking time out for YOU is essential from time to time to reduce your stress levels and recharge your mental and emotional spirit.

Ease the aching void and find your equilibrium again

Learn ways to manage anxiety and stress and move towards peace of mind

Learn about evidence-based therapies & practices to heal the brain & nervous system


Your Life Matters Workshops: Regional & Rural NSW

Mental health workshops for people living
with the difficulties & challenges of rural life

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