Bob Simpson: Riding in the face of grief & trauma

Sep 24, 2019 | Blog Articles

We are so proud of Bob Simpson, who resumes his ride across Australia from Perth to Bundanoon raising awareness of police with PTSD and fundraising for Quest for Life.

Just 6 days into his epic bike ride, Bob experienced a family tragedy which caused him to suspend his ride while he took time out to be with loved ones. He’d been making excellent progress until then, despite hot and windy conditions and an incredible storm!

He now heads back to Norseman, Western Australia to resume his journey. With special thanks to the Western Australian Police who helped with transport and minding his bike.


Our hearts go out to Bob who, despite experiencing grief and trauma through a personal loss, is committed to his Ride Against PTSD.

“Life can be a challenge but as long as we do all we can for others, then we’re treading the right path.” – Bob says

We are holding Bob in our thoughts and hearts and at the end of our rainbows at Quest as he continues his remarkable journey.

Help Bob by donating to help him reach his goal – he’s over halfway! Every cent goes to supporting Police with PTSD.


Follow Bob’s journey on Facebook: Ride Against PTSD