Pamela and Ian’s story of relief and gratitude

Nov 16, 2022 | Blog Articles

Pamela and Ian, aged 80, moved back into their home in the Northern Rivers region in November after being forced to evacuate due to flooding in February and early March. They received massages as part of the Northern Rivers Massage Therapy Initiave.

Pamela, Ian and their daughter Belinda describe their relief and gratitude with thanks to our generous donors who supported this initiative.

Mum and Dad loved their massages!! They said it was the first hour of peace they’ve had since the floods. Thankyou so much. – Belinda

It was the best thing. We’re really appreciative. It relaxed Ian. I don’t think I’ve seen him relax since the floods happened. We’ve been getting up at 5.45am every morning and we don’t even get to have an afternoon nap! Just go-go… I fell asleep in the chair when Ian was being massaged. It was beautiful… I’m giving Sophia 10/10, she was so good. We’re so grateful to you. – Pamela

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The Quest for Life Foundation helps people living with the consequences of trauma, illness and natural disasters to find hope, healing and peace.

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As a charity, we rely on income from donations from people like you to subsidise the cost of attendance at our residential programs and to facilitate our free community outreach workshops in regional communities.

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